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Tamiza’s Treats – No Sugar Added Treats

I offer a selection of small, but hopefully growing selection of no sugar added cookies.  

I use a stevia blend to replace the sugar.  Keep in mind, there are still sugars in other ingredients like chocolate chips and natural sugars / carbohydrates in flour.

My regular boutique no sugar added treats menu is below.   

No-Sugar Added Cookies at Tamiza's Treats



No Sugar Added Cookies

 1 dozen cookies per package.  Look for cookies in the amber packages.

Daily flavors: 

  • Stevia Chocolate Chip Cookies (NSA, V)
  • Stevia Cranberry Lemon Cookies (NSA, V)


Additional cookie flavors may be available:

  • Stevia Sunflower Oatmeal Cookies (NSA, V)
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tamiza's Treats

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