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My Ingredients

Ingredient List

All packages include an ingredients list so you know what’s in it, and I use ingredients that you’ve heard of – no fancy dancy mumbo jumbo scientific ingredients that make you get all wonkey-eyed.

I make my own vanilla extract with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. You can learn how to make your own – sign up for my Vanilla Class!  The vanilla beans are non-GMO.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Non-GMO ingredients include American wheat flour, unrefined sugar, unrefined brown sugar, semisweet chocolate chips, popcorn, and vanilla beans.

No Preservatives

I do not add any preservatives, so it’s best to consume your treats as soon as possible.  I tested a number of different packaging materials to discover which ones would help with shelf-life, and found a couple that I really like.  Some treats naturally have a longer shelf life than others (such as biscotti).  Some treats freeze well.  

Vegan Treats

I offer a selection of vegan items. All of the regular sugar that I use is an unrefined sugar. Treats include vegan cookies, vegan brownies, vegan caramel popcorn with chocolate, and vegan no-sugar added cookies.

Gluten-Free Treats

I offer a selection of gluten-free items, including gluten-free cookies, gluten-free caramel popcorn, gluten-free fudge, gluten-free brownies, and gluten-free cakes.

No Sugar Added  Treats

I offer a selection of small, but hopefully growing selection of no sugar added cookies.  I use a stevia blend to replace the sugar.  Keep in mind, there are still sugars in other ingredients like chocolate chips and natural sugars / carbohydrates in flour.

Allergens / Cross Contamination

Please note that I while I do my best to ensure there is no cross-contamination, I do not have an allergen-free kitchen. If you have sensitivities or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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