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Byzantine-style mosaics by artist Tracey Corinne

Tracey Corinne is a national-level award winning painter, sculptor, and artist in many media.

Her forte is mosaic, and she honed her mosaic skills by traveling to Italy to learn the ancient methods still in use today.

Mosaics are one-of-a-kind, and are framed (hand-stained by the artist) and ready to hang.

Tracey Corinne is based in west Los Angeles.

These beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of art are a great addition to any home or kitchen!


Stained glass, vitreous glass, marble


Stained glass, vitreous glass, marble


Stained glass, vitreous glass, marble

Pomegranate Mosaic by Tracey Corinne at Tamiza's Treats

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