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       Great stuff available in my store!

High quality artisan aprons for her and him
by Kersey Girl Creations

Half, full, and bistro style aprons featuring flounces, pleats, and other stylish notes. All aprons have at least one pocket. All aprons have long straps and will fit most.

KGC aprons available in my store are one of a kind, so only one of each in stock.

KGC is based locally here in Los Angeles.

Half Aprons

Autumn Flounce

Cupid Flounce

Blue Jacobean Flounce

Purple Passion Flounce

Broken Chevron Slate – SOLD

Purple with Mums Flounce

Full Aprons

Blue and Yellow Flounce

Autumn Leaves

Double Dash Denim Blue Reversible to Navy Blue – SOLD

French Sunflowers

Mirror Diamond Slate

Double Dash Denim Blue Flounce

Birds of a Feather Dove

Navy Blue Reversible to Double Dash Denim Blue – SOLD 

Hills and Valley Slate Grommet

Solid Dark Blue

Silver Spoon Flounce

Denim Blue Vines Pleated

Double Dash Denim Blue Vest

Le Jardin

Halloween Sweetheart Neckline

Bistro Aprons

Broken Chevron Slate

Charcoal Ticking Strip

Double Dash Denim Blue

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