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I very much believe in philanthropy, and would love to help you raise money for your cause!

How do you fund raise? Fundraising events are easy to arrange with three options, or a combination:

  • Pre-order sale: Pre-order and prepay for treats online.  Your members will place orders by a certain date, and then I will deliver the treats on a specified date to a single location (usually a meeting or other gathering).
  • In-person sale: I will set up a display at your meeting, special event, house party, etc. 
  • In-store purchases: We establish a campaign time frame and campaign/organization code and/or flier, and all purchases (all boutique items) made in my store during this time frame with this code/flier will be tallied.

How much lead time do we need to schedule a fundraising event?

  • Pre-order treat sales and In-store purchases: recommend that your campaign last 30-60 days.
  • In-person sales can be held as soon as a mutually available date is identified.

How much will you make?

You will make 15% of the total purchase price of sales generated from your supporters.

  • BONUS: I provide free delivery for the Pre-order sale to a single location.
  • BONUS: Campaigns that generate $2000 or more in sales, 20% will be donated.

How quickly will we receive our funds?

A check will be issued within one week of all payments submitted and the closure of the campaign.

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