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About Tamiza's Treats

Tamiza’s Treats opened October 2013 at CRAFTED in San Pedro as a small artisan bakery and treat shop featuring delicious and unique sweet and savory treats.  Since that time, Tamiza’s Treats has also participated in numerous special events – artisan/handmade events, vegan shows, gala gift boutiques, craft fairs, holiday boutiques, and more.

Tamiza’s Treats offers a range of small T cakes, biscotti and other cookies, fudge, small soda breads, caramel popcorn, and more! Including a selection of gluten-free items, dairy-free items, vegan items, and no-sugar added items.

In October 2017, Tamiza’s Treats Artisan Treats and Foodie-Themed Gift Boutique opened its own retail location in Torrance. In addition to yummy Tamiza’s Treats, the boutique features food and kitchen related items, and foodie-themed gifts.

The boutique features many of Tamiza’s other handiwork such as jewelry, greeting cards, keychains, and magnets, and the work of other high quality local artisans. Additional items are for sale to help Tamiza in her fundraising for charitable organizations to which she has a connection.

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About Tamiza

Growing up, I always enjoyed making Christmas cookies and cakes with my mom (who you may see in my shop now and then). When I was fourteen, I wanted to try some new things, and on one Saturday, I made (for the first time) a double-crusted apple pie, a chocolate roll, a pineapple cheesecake, and cream puffs complete with pastry cream and chocolate sauce. Not only did everything come out great, I really enjoyed it! I took that as a sign that this was something I was meant to do.

I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Food Administration at Cal State Long Beach. While in college and after, I worked in a bakery, catering, and restaurants doing pastry. Then life shifted a little bit – I served as a Maternal and Child Health Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, and returned back to California to get my Master of Public Health at UCLA, and began a very different career.

I always did miss the pastry and foodservice biz, and am glad to be back in it!

And I’m so happy to bring my treats to you!

Photo: Learning how to bake traditional bread (khubz/ aghrom) in Morocco.

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